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Before the day of photography there are a few things that should be done inside and outside of the property. Here is a list that will greatly enhance the quality of your photographs.


  • The interior of the house should be clean and free of all clutter. With real estate photography the less is better.

  • Remove everything possible off counter tops and furniture.

  • Beds should be made with limited amounts of throw pillow or none at all.

  • All light bulbs should be working. If a bulb is burned out replace it with a matching bulb of the same wattage and color range of other bulbs in the area.

  • Windows and mirrors should be cleaned.

  • Window blinds should all be at the same level and make sure that ventian blinds are all the same angle. This will be very noticeable especially for the outside photos.

  • Pictures and wall hangings should be removed. Remember the people looking to buy your house want to visualize what there own stuff will look like.

  • Refrigerators should be clean without magnets or your kids school drawings.

  • Bathroom towels should be removed and everything removed from the sink counters, this includes toothbrushes and soap dispensers.


  • Lawn should be freshly mowed.

  • Trim bushes and hedges.

  • Pull weeds around any garden areas.

  • Hoses and outdoor equipment should be removed.

  • Remove all kid toys, gas cans, garbage cans and all clutter that does not convey with the house.

  • Pick up all sticks and debris and rake away any fallen leaves.

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